Can survey gizmo surveys be created such that Mac/PC users AND iPhone/iPad users can respond?


I ran into a problem with a survey.  99% of the respondents use a PC, but one respondent (the VP of the company who I’m running the survey for!) uses an iPad exclusively, and the survey crashed on his device.  I’ve since learned that you can set up surveys to be compatible with iPhone/iPad, but I don’t see the capability to allow one survey to be responded on either a PC/Mac or an iPhone/iPad.  Am I missing something?

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    The system usually handles displaying properly for large screens and mobile devices automatically and without problems.

    The only time I have seen problems with mobile devices is when making significant changes to the CSS for a survey such that I made it display perfectly on a large screen, but poorly on a mobile device.

    If you try your existing survey using a different mobile device (any phone or tablet) you should see that it works properly.

    It may have been a one time problem with network connectivity to the iPad or something else strange like that.

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