Survey Gizmo Email Campaigns are Stalled again


We have had our Survey set to automatically send reminders at 7 days and 14 days after the initial Emails.  For some reason these emails are not going out automatically, and if I click Send Now, nothing seems to happen.  Is this a known issue and does anyone know how to fix it?  I would love to know if I”m the only one with this issue or if it is a system issue that is being worked on now.

Here’s what our Email Campaign looks like:  Even after I clicked Send now, the Pending number never changes.


Thanks Survey Gizmo Community!

Dominic Sharpe answered

    Hi Sheila,

    Sorry for your troubles!

    This looks like something that you will likely need to contact SurveyGizmo Support to address. I noticed that in the below release notes, it was mentioned that a fix was put in place for stalled emails:

    Perhaps your emails were set-up/scheduled before this fix? If it was set-up/scheduled after fix then it might be a good example for SG Support to investigate further.

    Hope this helps!

    Sheila Bloom commented
      • Thanks Dominic, I emailed Friday and still no response. I just need to get these reminders out. It appears that some go and others don’t when I click the Send Now. Very frustrating, but thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.

      • Just in case anyone else is having this issue, you have to change the reminder from +7 days to a specific date and then click Send Now, and then it will appear to work. When they’re set to a relative date, the Send Now command gets confused. I think I finally have the reminders out.



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