Does Survey Gizmo have display logic?


We want to use a column in the contact .csv we’re importing to power a question in the survey.


if column for Temp housing has a value other than null or N/A, we want the survey taker to be asked 0-10 how did they like their temp housing. And those contacts who did not use temp housing (null or N/A in our csv), we don’t want to ask them about it?

so–a display logic

we DONT want to ask them “did you have temp housing” and the subsequently ask them 0-10 their rating.. so it needs to be coming from the contact data from our .csv

how do we do this?

Mary L (Moderator) answered

    This can be accomplished by setting up display logic on each question using a desired field in the .csv. When you upload a Contact list, you can assign which columns align with which fields in SurveyGizmo. For example, if you assign the column ‘Temp Housing’ as Custom 1, you can use Custom 1 as the display logic filter later in the survey.


    Some of this will depend on how the “null” or “N/A” show up in the .csv, but you can create your 10 questions and then under the ‘Logic’ tab, select “Only show this question based on answers to previous questions or other logic conditions”. From there, in the ‘Select a Condition’ dropdown, select the field Custom 1. After you do that, you can setup the condition as desired.

    Mary L (Moderator) answered


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