Why does my survey disappear when I click save settings after setting up a quota?


I’ve tried 3 times to create a survey. When it is finished I go to advanced tab and set a quota for total responses. When I click save settings, the survey disappears and I can’t find it anywhere. On the third try I thought to save a share link first. When that survey disappeared, I was still able to open that link and “take” the survey, but it still doesn’t appear in my account anywhere. Ideas? 

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    • Hi Marie,
      This is very troubling. I am going to open a ticket with you to see if I can sort out what is going on!

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    I encountered the same problem. I lost 2 surveys after I save the changes in advanced tab. I just stopped using the settings in advanced tab now.

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      • @Rodney: That is very concerning. I am going to open a ticket with you to see if we can sort out the trouble!



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