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Hi – is it possible to use an Australian server in the hosting of a survey in SG? We have a government client who insists data is kept in our jurisdiction. Thanks – Kevin

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    Hi Kevin,

    SurveyGizmo currently has two server locations to chose from – a U.S. location and an E.U. location (in Germany). Unfortunately there are no Australian servers at this time.

    Here is a little more information on this:


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      • Has his changed? We too need to have confidential information on an Australian based server.

      • Hi Christine,

        Thank you for posting to the SurveyGizmo Community!

        SurveyGizmo now has data centers in the US, EU, as well as the recently opened Canadian Data Center. I’m afraid at this time, an Australian Data Center is not available.

        We will certainly continue to update our customers should this change.

        I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

        Best regards,

        David Domagalski
        Survey Explorer & Documentation Specialist
        SurveyGizmo | http://surveygizmo.com

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      Another vote for Australian servers here

      Dev answered

        Thank you David . . . this means that we cannot use the product, so please ask your team to consider opening a Data Centre in Australia.


        Christine Ryan answered


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