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Per our client:

Wanted to let you know that a couple of my colleagues who tested out the survey noticed that when they tried to take the survey in Internet Explorer, that the buttons to select the options (answers) do not show up (as shown in screenshot below). I had been taking it in Google Chrome which is why I hadn’t noticed before, however since Internet Explorer is the default browser for all employees, this will be what the survey will automatically open up in when they click on the survey link.

Is there anything that can be done to fix this issue? Or is Survey Gizmo only compatible with certain browsers? Just wanted to pass this along.


I don’t know what version they use at the hospital in question.


Michele378435 asked

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    We have had similar reports of problems with surveys in healthcare facilities.  We have never been able to determine if they are caused by old browsers, network security protocols, or some combination of the two. Because of confidentialy and security issues these clients are very reluctant to discuss their systems.

    We now enable the default HTML icons for these surveys. We also use solid color backgrounds – gradients seemed to cause problems for some reason. These steps seems to have reduced most of the problems.  There are still some, but the clinet is aware that some of their user’s computers are seriously out-of-date.

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