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Do you have the ability to do phone surveys?

Looking for a tool to do immediate surveys after an interaction with our Customer Service Reps after a phone call. Not looking for an email tool.

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Anne Warson answered

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    Hey There –

    At this point, we do not offer a phone survey service. Our application is web based. With that said, I have had folks in the past build surveys and then verbally distribute them through a phone call. However, it wouldn’t be a completely automated process. Sorry Marie.

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


      Is it possible to connect our phone system ( avaya)  with Survey Gismo so that the answers given verbally can be registrated in survey gismo?


      Thank you for receivng your feedback. 




      Dominic Sharpe commented
        • SurveyGizmo does not have a built in functionality for this, so an integration like this would likely require some advanced custom development. If you have development resources, it might be worth exploring on your end.

          Hope this helps clarify!



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