[Suggestion] Logic Rule to Select/Unselect/Show/Hide/Disable Options Based on Previous Data.


Suggestion: Logic Rule to Select/Unselect Answer Based on Previous Data.


Within the logic tab which is found in every question type, I would like the following added:

Overall Function: Depending on previous answers to data, an option is automatically entered for the question.


How it would Work:

  1. Within the Logic tab, There would be a ‘Prefill Conditions’ section.
    • For most questions, it would be on the main question.
    • For the following question types it, would be on the Logic tab for each sub question.
      • Radio Grid
      • Checkbox Grid
      • Textbox List
      • Star Rating Grid
      • Dropdown Menu Grid
      • Custom Grid
      • Custom Table
  2. Ideally we would be able to define more than one.
  3. At the End of the Prefill Condition Block, you specify how it will be prefilled.  These would be called Prefill Actions.  Ideally we would be able to select more than one
    • Select specific option(s)**
    • Un-select specific option(s)**
    • Disable specific option(s)** and keep shown (but not changeable)
    • Hide specific option(s)**
    • Prefill Specific Text (Into the question or Other Fields), this also can use Merge Codes.
  4. The Actions would be run in order, top to bottom. So one can overwrite others
  5. On admin pages there would be an option at the bottom of the page  ‘Run Prefill Checks on All Data’.
    1. This would go through the admin page for each response in the survey and check the Prefill Checks on it.
    2. This would allow us to run checks data after it comes in in order to generate Box Scores or Segments.
    3. It would allow us to Back Code Data if needed.
    4. It could also re-trigger scripts on the admin pages for each respondent, for when there are formulae for logarithmic segmentation.

**(or option(s) with titles/values that matches a specific condition. This is ideal for surveys which have a large number of options, or have options pre filled in.)

Here is a Use Case Scenario based on a survey we are in middle of writing a report on.

  1. For example we have a survey which has a radio grid question.  This ranking grid question (3C) asks someone to rank the top 3 schools that the mentioned they had considered in a previous question (3A).
  2. Next we have a Hidden Checkbox question (hidden via sg-hide) called First and Second Choice (3D). The purpose of this question is that we want to ask them specific questions about their first and second choices mentioned in 3C
  3. Within that question, we would have the list of all the schools (which were mentioned in 3A).
  4. As an example, in that schools we would have a Other School option.
  5. For the Logic tab we would have the following prefill condition blocks.
    1. If Other School is Selected in 3A, Prefill the Other text from the Other School option in 3A.
    2. If 3C Other School is First Choice or Second Choice, SELECT Other School.
  6. We would repeat this for each school option.
  7. Then, multiple times in the survey, we would use this question for Piping.


Further Benefits:

  1. It would allow us to carry forward other text into other other text fields, thus allowing us to use them for repeating questions.
  2. It would allow us to Record Disqualification/Hold reasons more elegantly.
  3. It would allow us to pre segment data as it comes in, in case we wish to ask questions for people who fall into a particular segment.
  4. It would allow us to Show a disabled option without having to globally make that change with script.
  5. It could allow us to segment data that already came in (via the admin page specific option to run the check on all answers.)
  6. It would allow us to generate Box Scores  (via the admin page specific option to run the check on all answers.)
  7. It could allow us to Backcode Data that is not simply Open End Text.
    1. For example, this is a situation in which we WISH it was available.:
      1. We had a question asking a parent to learn about what sources they looked at in order to learn about schools.  
      2. In the Other source, Shadowing came up frequently.  
      3. One of our employees took it upon himself to add it as an option to the survey.
      4. Then he went back to each and every respondent and changed their answers to choose the option based on their open end.
      5. As this was against our practices of directly changing a respondent’s data, I had to go back and undo all of this. (as a further result, it messed up Crosstabs data in for that question, which now doesn’t show the correct number)
  8. It could be expandable for other actions.




PS:  This is an improvement on my previous segmentation suggestion. https://community.surveygizmo.com/questions/question/suggestion-expand-functionality-analysis-tool-automatic-analysis/   This version is more friendly and useful, and can be used during a live survey.

PPS: A copy of this is also being sent customer support.

SG Admin answered

    Hi Janet,

    Thank you for your thoughtful and detailed suggestions! We are certainly curious to see what feedback other Community users have regarding these suggestions!

    Thank you again!

    The SurveyGizmo Team

    SG Admin answered


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