[Solved] [Suggestion] Expand the Functionality of the Analysis Tool with Automatic Analysis


[Suggestion] Expand the Functionality of the Analysis Tool

I see great promise for the Analysis tool in Survey Gizmo, currently it is only limited to Open-End Text Analysis.


Here are my suggestions on how to improve it:

  1. BUG: Allow us to completely remove the analysis data when we delete it, as it currently remains in the data file.
  2. Put all question types in the Analysis Page.
  3. Allow Disqualified Responses to be Analyzed.
  4. Change ‘Analyze Responses’ to ‘Individually Analyze Responses’
  5. For each question, after Individually Analyze Responses, put an option to Automatically Analyze Responses Via Logic Rules.
    1. Within Automatically Analyze Responses, allow us to create Logic Buckets
    2. Within a Logic Bucket, we then define a set of Logic Rules that causes the Checkbox to be selected.
    3. When a survey is marked as Complete or Disqualified, by completing the survey, it is checked against these rules and the Logic Buckets are marked accordingly.
    4. In case a Logic Bucket is changed, there should also be an option to Rerun Logic Buckets, which rechecks all of the completes to date and applies the correct Logic Buckets.
    5. There should be an option to stop checking after a Logic Bucket is triggered. In short, an option that states If TRUE, Stop Checking
      • This would be specifically applicable in situations where a company needs to collect reasons for disqualification. 
  6. Similar to what I mentioned above, Add another option to Automatically Analyze Responses via Custom Scripting or Javascript
    • This would specifically be useful when there is an advanced formula needed to categorize people in specific segment.
    • Within the script, you Return a Value.
    • There would then be Logic Buckets which would revolve around that returned value.


Some things this would allow us to do:

  • It would allow us to generate a more effective Segmentation in Standard Reports, as we do not need 
  • For Focus Group Companies, it would allow them to correctly categorize respondents that qualify for a focus group.  If those qualifications are relaxed or strengthened, then the Logic Buckets could be updated to match the new rules.
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    • Another option for improving Text Analysis is the option to Individually ‘Anonymize’ responses. What I am specifically talking about is recognizing names in the open end text, and having an option to make a version of that open end question with the name replaced with a place hold of your choice.

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    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    It seems like you were maybe intending on sending this to SurveyGizmo Support? I imagine these types of suggestions would be better suited for SG Support as they’ll be able to address/document them accordingly (other users on the Community Forum are not able to take action on a usability suggestion).

    There are a number of options for contacting SurveyGizmo Support directly:



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      I also sent it to Support, but I was ensuring it could be seen by others by posting it here as well.

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