Suggestion: create the possibility to save template of Text&Translation lists online




I’ve just caught myself changing the text N-time and got this thing: it would be more simply to create and save the template of my translations. Not export because export supposes downloading, time, work with csv(or xls) – it’s very inconveniently. 


How it works (as I suppose):

  • at the first, I create the survey
  • click on Tools –> Text&Translation –> using default english version of translation
  • change all text-fields I need
  • Save it as %MY TEMPLATE% 
  • Use it again 

I’ve downloaded two pictures:

  1. Showing place to choose template
  2. Showing place of button saving template
Maria Homm153624 commented
    • very good suggestion. I also find it very useful as I need to customize the texts displayed to my respondents.

      regards, Mihai


    @Pushvintsev ,

    Thank you for your post to the Community and for your thoughtful suggestions! While there are no immediate plans for a translation templating feature, this is certainly a great idea and we will monitor any additional feedback here!

    Thank you again!

    The SurveyGizmo Team

    Admin - SurveyGizmo answered


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