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When adding duplicate grouped question function there is a link for removing a question (.sg-remove-item-button) that is in blue, is there a way to style this?Tryed to style with custom css class, but it didnt help since color is added in the link:

Example:<a class=”sg-remove-item-button style=”color:blue onclick=”return S2207965.removeGroup(this, ‘sgE-2207965-1-‘, 43) href=”#>Fjern</a>


Kind Regards

Øystein Dahle

Seltop IT asked

    Hi there,

    It looks like this button can be edited with CSS (I’m not sure how extensively it can be edited though). I tried some pretty basic CSS on the style page (my CSS skills are not super advanced):

    color: green;
    border: green solid 1px;

    And this changed the background color and added a border. Hopefully this helps you get started.

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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