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I am just getting up-to-speed on Surveygizmo and liking it v much. I have come across an issue I’m not sure how to resolve. 

I am creating a survey that is really more like 3 surveys depending on answer to first question. I understanding how to set up the logic, but it’s a bit unwieldy to manage all three surveys as pages within the one survey.

Is there a way to move people to a different survey based on answer to that question or another way to structure that will simplify management? 



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    Sure thing! You could create a simple one question survey which redirects to one of the three different surveys based on the answer to the first question. Here’s how to set it up:

    1. Create the three different surveys.
    2. Create a fourth survey with the first question.
    3. On the Thank You page of that survey, create three different URL redirect actions:
    4. Each redirect will be for one of the three surveys, and you can set up logic so that each redirect only fires if the corresponding option was selected in the first question.

    You then can just send out the link to the fourth survey. Survey takers will answer that first question and then be automatically redirected to one of the three surveys depending on that first answer.

    Does that make sense and sound like it would work? I hope it helps!

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