How should I structure my monthly survey?


Hello, I’m wondering what best practice would be for a ongoing monthly survey. I don’t plan on changing the questions, but want to increase response rates by contacting customers closer to their point of interaction with our company. How would you suggest I set this up? Should I create a new survey (clone) every month and title it by date? I know that if I change a survey question that will impact my ability to combine results, which is very unfortunate for long term data gathering. 

I will be reporting on a quarterly basis to my exec staff and have read up on how to combine reports. So I’m assuming what I mentioned above would be ideal. Also, is there a limit on how many reports you can combine? So for example if I wanted to pull in 12 surveys to reflect the data for the year.

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    Great, Jim! Thank you very much. This is a great idea and you saved me a lot of time digging around for a good answer. Plus, it is great to know how others structure their surveys. I believe this will work well for us. Thanks again! 

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      My group uses SurveyGizmo to conduct post-webinar evaluations for a monthly series of webinars.  Rather then create a new survey for each month, we use tracking links ( to create unique links to a single survey for each month.  The responses all go into one survey database, but are flagged with the tracking link.  You can use this tracking link to add, filter, or segment your reports with the responses from your choice of months (

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