Storing a short answer to a long radio button or checkbox answer

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I have several radio-button questions in my survey. Their answers are long like this: 


Question: What kind of work do you do?


  • Radio Antenna Repair and Maintenance
  • Ditch Digger and Hole Repair
  • Chief Cook and Bottle Washer


I don’t want to store the entire answer because I want to do something either in Zapier that is based on the answers, or I want to write formulas in excel. Having those long answers opens us up for errors. 

Is there a way to store those long Radio Button (or checkbox) answers in some sort of shorthand? For example, I’d store those four answers as:

  • RARM
  • DDHR
  • CCBW

Is that possible? 




mw answered
    mw 18 Rep.

    I’ve discovered the answer to my question. 

    It seems that SurveyGizmo calls the answers that we see “Reporting Values”. There’s an explanation for how to create “custom reporting values” on this page:



    mw answered


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