Stop survey if respondent use “print screen”


I am testing a product that has not yet been released, so I would like to be careful with the images shown.

I would like the survey to be interrupted as soon as the software detects that someone is trying to make a print screen (or try to download an image)

This is a standar procedure for early stage test conepts. Anyonw knows how to build this restriction?



strasser90 answered

    Hi Jim, thanks for your answer! Will try with some scripts


    ezequiel answered

      Another solution I saw recently: The secret concept image is hidden by default. The user has to press and hold a particular key to watch the picture. If he releases the key, the picture disappears. If the user is pressing any other key or a mouse button, the image will disappear. This makes it nearly impossible to take screenshots. (However, one could take a photo of the screen by the smartphone. Or just write down on a piece of paper what one is reading on the screen…)

      For this solution, you just need a short JavaScript which is listening to key press events and mouse events (e.g. manipulating the CSS attribute visibility=”hidden”)

      ezequiel commented

        I understand your desire to protect your information.  However, the internet was designed to allow information to be freely and easily distributed, so this is not a simple request.  You probably can’t prevent someone who really wants a copy of the photo from getting it.  The best that you can hope for is to discourage the casual user.

        A JavaScript developer might be able to write a script that responds to a user’s attempt to screen print a page.  However, I am not sure if you could actually hijack a respondent’s browser and “stop” their survey session without running into the browser’s security settings. You can also find JavaScripts online that disable the user’s ability to right-click on an image and save it (  The determined user can easily get around these scripts by disabling JavaScript on their browser.

        You can also go online and find CSS settings that will prevent images from printing.  But a user could use Jing or some other screen capture program to get around these settings.  A really determined user could look at the source code for your survey page, find the img src link to the graphic file, and use that to get a copy.

        There are many online forums and articles that describe various techniques for discouraging image theft.  Since you are not posting the images on a site that you control you won’t be able to implement some of them, but there are scripts and CSS tricks that you can try.

        Good luck!

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