[Solved] Stop showing questions when quotas are met


I need to randomize questions and also set a quota for the number of responses per question (same quota per question). The problem I’m having is when the quota is hit for questions, they continue to pop up in surveys at random, which causes DQ because the quota is met.

What I need is for the questions that have hit the quota to not appear at random any more.

Can this be done?

Raynard Richards asked

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    Hey Raynard,

    I think the problem you’ve run in to is because segmented quotas (where you can apply a quota on a specific question) are not intended to limit the number of times a question can be seen. These quotas are used to limit which respondents are able to take your survey.

    An example: let’s say you have a “What is your gender?” question. You could set some segmented quotas so that you only get 50 male respondents and 50 female respondents (non-binary genders are ignored in this example for simplicity – no disrespect intended).

    Hiding a question after it receives a certain number of answers is not something available in SurveyGizmo, to the best of my knowledge. If I’m overlooking something, hopefully another member will hop in and correct me on that 🙂

    Alexander Raymond answered
      • You could use Answer Option Quotas, but that would be per answer (50 male and 50 female) instead of per question (50 total responses to gender question). You’re right, what the OP is looking for isn’t quite possible without some scripting. Thanks for answering!



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