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We are having issues with the shareable link option that is available on the standard reports.  The report is not refreshing to show all the responses.  For the report to refresh I need to log in to SurveyGizmo and open the report, this then refreshes the report for the person using the link.  It happens on multiple surveys and different browsers.  We are only trying to refresh every day as I understand the link should only refresh every 15 minutes.  

Does anyone else have this issue and hopefully a solution! 


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    I am just guessing, so maybe someone who knows more will chime in.

    Recently (I missed exactly when) Gizmo added privacy settings to Standard Reports. Shareable links I created before this were still available to anyone with a link, but if I edited the link and didn’t specifically edit the privacy settings, it defaulted to being only available to logged in Gizmo users.

    Is it possible that your links were created before the privacy settings? Maybe, and I am just guessing, the reports are not updating from links without the privacy setting?

    Though it shouldn’t be necessary on a Standard Report and might not do anything, you could also try the &realtime=true option mentioned at:

    Lynsay Johnston commented
      • Hi
        Thanks for your answer but not sure its applicable. One report was only created two days ago and it still has the same issue. They can see the report but it doesn’t update with any responses from the last time I opened the report whilst logged into SurveyGizmo.
        I will try the old realtime addition and see if it makes any difference thanks.


      Hi Lynsay! I will reach out to you via a support ticket to see if I can get this sorted!

      Thank you@IS for continuously helping our users!

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