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Does anyone know if SG is planning on including the PDF/Word/Excel download option from the shared web reports that the Legacy Reports used to have?

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    Hi all,

    Thanks so much for your feedback on this. We’ve created known issue posts for popular missing features in the Standard Report so you can vote and subscribe for updates.

    Here is the post for this feature if you wish to follow:


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      Hi there.  Check out the screen clip below.  It is located at the upper right of the screen.

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        You mean when you email the report from the share tab to someone who does not log into Survey Gizmo?

        The last I heard on that is they’re collecting feedback from users to see if they will continue to have those same links for PDF/Excel/Word when the reports are shared.   But I think you have to email support to let them know.  I’m not sure how they’re collecting the feedback.  I think it was a great feature, and I don’t really see the benefit of taking it away.

        Sheila Bloom answered

          Hey Mary, 

          Thanks for the reply. This doesn’t address my question, though. I know that I can download in these formats from within SG, but I need my end-users who I share reports with to be able to download from the web reports that I share as PDF at the very least. The Legacy Reports had this functionality. 

          Does that make sense?




          akline commented
            • Update: I received the following update from tech support –

              “This indeed is something we are considering bringing into the Standard Report. I’m going to let our developers know your interest in it because we keep track of how many of our users want specific features so we can make informed decisions on which requests to work on and in what order.

              We don’t yet have a turn around time for adding such a feature, but do keep an eye out for it.”



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