[Standard Report Missing Features] Add Average Completion Time as a Summary Element option


We’re listening! In March we created the Standard Report and announced the pending plan to sunset the Summary Report. We’ve been getting a ton of great feedback regarding what you need to see in the Standard Report before we officially sunset the Summary Report (we do not have a scheduled date for this as of now). We have been churning out features in the Standard Report and decided we needed to give you some visibility into the process.

We’re creating Known Issues posts for outstanding features and functionality that multiple users have said they miss.

Look for your feature in the Known Issues category of community and comment, vote, or subscribe to receive updates!

This Post’s Missing Feature: Add Average Completion Time as a Summary Element option

This post was created based on the feedback from a number of customers who asked that we add Average Completion Time from the deprecated Overview as a Summary Element option.

If this is a feature you’re interested in having available within Standard Reports feel free to comment below, vote, or subscribe to receive updates!

nsmith answered

    please add average completion time!

    Tatiana answered

      Please bring back that feature

      Jay50 answered

        Yes, that would be appreciated. 

        nsmith answered

          Would also appreciate this feature. It’s strange that we see an estimated completion time before the survey launches, then nothing after launch. 

          dharden answered


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