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I created a few surveys and have them linked to Google sheets.

I have my 3 columns being populating from the survey to the sheet.


-phone number



My question is, Im trying to generate the time and date every time a new survey is taken.

I have columns Date and Time created, but i cannot get them to populate.

I went into google shets -> tools -> script editor and created a function that populates date and time when Name, email, and phone number are created.


Only thing is, it only works when i innput that information on my sheet manually.

It will not populate date and time when the information is loaded automatically from the Survey…



Any help would be appreciated.





aelmathil33 asked

    I’m not sure if I can advise personally on this but it seems like the script that you have running in Google Sheets only fires when a field is interacted with in the sheet. The integration between SG and Google Sheets passes information into the sheet via the API so it may not work with the script that you have in place.

    I am not sure how you would go about this in Sheets, but since you are not passing the date and time info from SurveyGizmo into Sheets this does not seem like an issue with the integration but more so with the script and how it works within sheets.

    Not sure if this helps at all

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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