[Solved] Split rows of a Radio Button Grid into different pages on mobile




I’ve been using survey gizmo for some time but I can’t figure out if it’s possible to split rows of a Radio Button Grid, in different pages on mobile.


For example, I have a 6 row Radio Button Grid with 5 columns.

That means, 6 questions and for each question, five possible answers. On mobile, these are sown as a list, question 1 with 5 answers, question 2 with 5 answers and so on. The user has to scroll down a lot, so I would want only on mobile to split the grid into different pages.


Thank you


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    Check your mobile setting under the style tab. What you want is how it should display on mobile. We have this type of question type on many mobile surveys and what you explain as your desire is what we get every time.

    In the style section just make sure your mobile interaction is set to One at a Time and you should get your desired result.

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