[Solved] SPF (TXT) record not valid


Some of my users use spf validation.  I tried to setup a new TXT record on my DNS using the include statement that’s provided in your documentation. Apparently, it isn’t valid.  Do I need more in the TXT record than just your info?

azruss386453 asked

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    Hello –

    That’s right. You need more in the TXT record than just our info. The documentation assumes that a SPF record already exists and that SurveyGizmo is being added to it.

    You could use the following: “v=spf1 include:app.sgizmo.com -all”

    This would authorize only SurveyGizmo to send emails on your domain. You should include your email provider and/or any other services that send emails on your behalf as well.

    -all at the end fails any server that isn’t included in the SPF record. You may want to use ~all instead which soft fails.

    The quotes are part of the SPF record syntax.

    Best Zach

    Zachary answered


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