[Solved] Spanish extended characters in data base


I am having troubles adding contacts throught out the appy of surveygizmo with extended characters of Spanish languange as accents and ñ. 

Also with the under score (_). In this case we didn’t understand what is wrong with this character. 

So we would like to know how we can deal with this two topics, can you send us technical references?

Thank you

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    Hello Jaqueline!

    Usually problems with “extended characters” are due to text encoding getting mixed up somewhere. A common example is trying to export a CSV file from Excel. The predominant standard for text encoding on the web is “Unicode”, or UTF-8. This is how your CSV would be expected to be encoded — but the spreadsheet software Excel uses a different encoding, leading to misinterpreted characters and “gibberish” appearing in your contact data.

    A couple rules of thumb for steering clear of any text encoding issues:

    • If using Microsoft Excel and you want to upload a file to SurveyGizmo, save your files as XLS whenever possible. This will help our software interpret the encoding correctly.
    • If using Microsoft Excel and you want to download a file from SurveyGizmo, download the XLS version whenever possible. This will help your software interpret the encoding correctly.
    • If using other spreadsheet software such as OpenOffice/LibreOffice, use the CSV file type with UTF-8 encoding. When downloading files, select the CSV option, and open it with UTF-8 encoding. This should ensure both parties can interpret the encoding correctly.

    I hope this information is helpful!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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