+ in spaces between words in custom reporting values


Does anyone else get a + between the words in custom reporting values?

When I save the question with custom reporting value options I am getting “+” anywhere there is a space between words.

This is happening in one of my custom tables and has happened before with other surveys. The survey I am working on is much longer and it is driving me CRAZY to have to keep deleting the + only to have it return… sometimes. It doesn’t do it every time so it is very frustrating.

Has anyone else seen/heard of this?

SG Admin answered

    I have never seen this in our environment.

    Is it possible that some formatting code that appears in your questions is making its appearance in the Custom Reporting function?  I know that strange things often happen when we COPY/PASTE our questions from an MS Word document without filtering out the embedded Word formatting.

    Jim Wetherill answered

      Even when it is typed into the boxes by hand I get the +… 

      I will try pasting it with plain text from Notepad and see if that makes a difference. Another issue I am having (posted a separate question) is with the pasting of values with custom reporting values so I’ll kill both those birds and see if it makes a difference coming from Notepad.

      Monique answered

        Hi Monique,

        I wanted to jump in here and follow up with you. I have been testing this and not able to replicate the + symbol problem within reporting values with multiple words. Are you still seeing this problem in your surveys?

        I wonder if this might be related to the browser that you are using or perhaps a plugin on that browser. Please let us know if you have any additional information regarding this problem.

        Best regards,

        David Domagalski
        Survey Explorer

        SG Admin answered


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