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the sort and search function are not working correctly for my surveys any idea of how to fix this issue?

the last name sort puts I, H and M before A.  the only sort that seems to work is the ID number and the search function keeps giving me not results when i can see the name i am searching is there. 

Bianca McArrell answered
    IS 2.21K Rep.

    When looking at my list of surveys, the sort by name and search function work for me. I am confused though. When you say sort by ID number… I don’t have that option that I can see.

    You might try closing out of all of your browser windows and then returning to the Survey Gizmo site and see if that helps (or just try it in a different browser first). Sometimes that will fix some weird issues.

    IS answered

      it happens when we are looking at survey responses. but i’ll try. thanks!

      Bianca McArrell answered


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