[Solved] Solution? Emails “received” by .edu email addresses, but actually in Spam filter



Does anyone have tips for getting my survey out of .edu spam filters, identifying which universities are incorrectly flagging the survey as spam, and/or solving the problem? 

I am running the Send statistics for a current email campaign. I can see that most of my contacts with .edu email addresses are showing as “Sent”, but “Not started.” That should mean they received the email (it did not bounce) but haven’t clicked it yet. However, several people have told me they didn’t receive the email, and later found it in their spam filter. 

Any ideas for how I can fix this? I have nearly 200 contacts possibly impacted, which is a significant portion of my survey sample group.


Any help appreciated!

HilaryMayhew asked

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    Typically the best option for getting around spam filters is to have the IT team managing the recipient’s email client ‘whitelist’ SurveyGizmo’s IPs. SurveyGizmo can provide you with the IP addresses upon request (you will need to email them at support@sgizmo.com).

    SurveyGizmo also has some best practices that can help in these situations:



    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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