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I am wondering if people who are using Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6/7 are able to answer slider questions?

If they are not, is there any way to show users with these browsers just a textfield to input their answer?


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robert.hellmundt asked

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    Holly 2.17K Rep.

    Hey Robert!

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    Because IE 6 and 7 are browsers that are out of date, we recommend the respondent use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or a more updated version of IE. Another idea would be to use a likert scale instead.

    We do not have a feature that would add or remove questions/actions based on the respondents browser. We do collect the user agent so if you had someone on your team familiar with development they could absolutely write some code that would show different questions based on the user agent.

    So sorry there isn’t a built in feature! I’ll go ahead and take note of this for our development team for possible future improvements.

    Holly White, Survey Fire Dancer

    Holly answered


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