Slider list with different labels


Is it possible to put different labels on the items in my slider list? Now the list consists of different slider rows with the same labels for each row, but I want the labels to be the actual sliders, like in the example below:

For example:

Question: Choose the most fitting answer.

Left and right labels:

  • I hope it will get better …… I’ve lost hope it will get better
  • I am afraid to lose control … I am not afraid to lose control
  • I feel alone … I feel supported by others
VLESP answered

    Thanks! The Semantic Differential is exactly what I needed!


    Although it’s a pity that this question type is not included in my organization’s licence and we do not have the budget to upgrade…

    VLESP edited answer

      The Slider List does not have this option, per the SurveyGizmo documentation:

      You might want to explore the Semantic Differential question to see if that might get you what you are looking for:

      Hope this helps!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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