Skip/disqualify Action is not working


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We have a lot of projects live but Skip/disqualify Action is not working?

All Skip/disqualify Action system is down.

Is there anyone with the same problem?


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sofiane answered

    I have the same issue, although it sometimes work better than others.

    One walk around is to set the set the condition to “is not one of the following answer” and select all the other answers.

    So let’s say you have a question with A, B, C answers, and you want to skip it in case the applicant selects “A”, you want to setup like this :


    If[]is not the following answer : B, C, then skip to []


    sofiane answered

      Thank you for your answer, but this problem a little bit different.

      Basic logic conditions doesn’t work, for example only female survey, when Male entered, survey goes on. Logic conditions doesn’t work. Contact with support, i am waiting response.

      Jim W (Moderator) commented
        • Just to clarify – the logic tests look at the reporting values, not the option titles. You may not have assigned a reporting value for each option, but SurveyGizmo will them for you.
          Our problem was caused when all of the report values were set to the same value, which crippled that logic tests.


        We had a similar problem last week.  We found that the all of reporting values of the question that triggered the skip pattern had been set to the same value (1), thus “crippling” the logic test.  We were not using reporting values for the survey in question, so we are not sure how this could have happened.

        I suggest that you check the reporting values of the triggering questions and make sure that each option has a different value.

        If that doesn’t fix the problem you should consider contacting SurveyGizmo Support.

        Jim W (Moderator) answered


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