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I’m trying to create a page that should only appear if a respondent has selected one of four particular brands from a larger list of brands shown in an earlier question.

On the page that I want to show only in these conditions I go to edit the PAGE settings > Logic tab > Select from the drop down the question with the full list and go “is one of the follow answers” and tick the four brands I want. Then save the question.

When I test this in preview mode, I still get this page regardless of if I selected none of the four brands which is not correct.

What do I need to change in my set up to make this happen?

Emily asked

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    When you are in preview mode you need to check the settings in the upper right corner.  It will bring up a dialog box with a number of settings listed.  One of them is to ignore logic and that could be causing your problem.  The other way to test this is to go to share and click on the link for your survey and open it in a browser tab.  That way the logic is activated and you can properly test the logic.

    I have found the new settings in preview to be confusing so I have reverted to actually testing logic in the browser and not in preview with the new default settings.

    Jon Erickson answered


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