Skip logic confusion: logic is based on “is one of these” for all options on a required ?, but doesn’t skip


In my survey, I’m presenting the same question in two different ways: the highlight text tool and then a “cut and paste or type the words and phrases you like/didn’t like in the boxes below” option. (I worry that the highlighter is not a good experience on tablet or mobile.) If they say they successfully used the highlighter tool (and provided an answer), they skip the second option. These answers are critical, but I can’t make the questions mandatory in case there is difficulty using the tool.

To solve for this, I created a page above these options that is just text to serve as an error message. If someone makes it through both options without answering one or the other, they hit skip logic afterward that redirects them back up to the “error” page and they go through both options (if needed) again.

The success and redirect logic both work, though this seems like the complicated part. What I can’t seem to do is skip the error page when the respondent comes to it the first time. I tried skip logic just above it that used “is answered” to a question visible (and required) to everyone earlier in the survey. I also tried a checkbox question with “is one of the following” and all the options checked. Either way, the error pages displays. Can you not skip a text-only page? I just can’t figure this out. Help please?

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    I am not sure I completely understand where you are putting your skip logic.

    Have you tried using the “Skip/Disqualify Logic” link between the pages and then setting the condition as “Always TRUE” (found in the System Data section of the picklist)?

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      • First of all, thanks IS, I didn’t know System Data/Always True was an option, so I don’t have to create my own “always true” answer, but it still didn’t work. You did ultimately help me figure it out, though, by making me revisit the entire logic. There seems to be a bug, or at least unanticipated behavior (to me).

        What I’ve determined is that the page above the skip is the “problem.” It had two questions with display logic based on an earlier answer. If neither of those questions is displayed, then the page doesn’t display and the logic after the page isn’t triggered either. I didn’t anticipate that the logic was tied to the page before, or at least that’s what appears to be happening. I added a dummy question to that page so that something would always display and it appears to work now in every case.

        Here’s an attempt to explain the layout. starting with page 13 w/in the survey:

        Page 13. page with two questions that have question display logic (when these are displayed, the skip works as expected; if not, you move from page 12 to page 14)

        Skip logic: set to “Always true” – send everyone to page 15 [doesn’t work if page 13 doesn’t display]

        Page 14. Text only question: “You must complete one of the following paragraph evals.”

        Page 15. Text Highlighter paragraph eval

        Page 16. Were you successful with the text highlighter? yes/no

        Skip logic: if text highlighter is answered and success with highlighter = yes, skip to page 18

        Page 17. Alternate version of the paragraph eval: paragraph and 2 text boxes for likes and dislikes

        Skip logic: if highlighter is not answered and likes or dislikes fields are not answered, send to page 14 (this creates a loop to try to get an answer to one or the other – this is the meat of our survey)

        Page 18. Next questions
        Again, it was the logic between 13 and 14 that wasn’t working. I also wasn’t going far enough back in preview to answer the question that would trigger page 13 to display. When I did, the logic worked in that case, but not when it didn’t display.

        I’m not sure if this would be considered a bug or not,; I just don’t remember reading anything about page dependency and skip logic.



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