[Solved] Skip logic across multiple surveys


Is it possible to use one question to branch which survey a client is sent to?  I currently have it set up as one survey with logic throughout based on how they answer Q1; but for reporting, it would be cleaner to separate the 3 possible categories into 3 different surveys, based on how they answer that first Q. 

Mardan Flynn asked

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    Easy done. 

    Make the first question one survey – add a “skip/disqualify logic”

    Set the condition based on your question and in “If the Logic Passes, send the respondent to” send to “external url”. Put the defult link to the survey for that category as the url. Repeat for all three categories/surveys and you’re good to go. 


    Note: You can only send to the default link so if you need to track the respondents you’ll need to add some hidden questions – tell me if you do and I’ll tell you how to set it up otherwise the above is all you’ll need.

    Katrina Lambert answered


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