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I need to allow colleagues to pre-submit questions for one or more speakers at an upcoming conference.  Is there a template for this type of survey.





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    Hi Jay,

    My company does not have template for this type of survey, and I don’t believe that SurveyGizmo has one either.  You are free to build and develop your survey to meet your specific requirements.

    I would like to send you a link to something that could serve as an example, but we typically ask this type of question as part of the event registration process.

    If I were going to build a questionnaire of this type I would probably start with a text/media box filled with a brief explanatory text. I would then follow with an essay type of question for each speaker.  Each of the questions would include the speaker’s name and a brief synopsis of his/her topic.  On the Thank You page I would express my appreciation for the respondent’s interest in the upcoming event.

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