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Hi SurveyGizmo Community,

I’m new and I was wondering how I can add a signature question on the last page of my survey?


onuoha20 answered

    Great, thank you.

    onuoha20 answered
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      You can’t add a question to the default Thank You page, so you will have to make another page your last page. You can do this by editing the page settings for the final page of our survey that is not the Thank You page.

      To do this:

      Click on the page title, or the pencil icon just above the upper right corner of the page

      On the “Page” tab change the value of “Override response status when this page is reached” to: Change response status to “Complete”

      On the “Logic” tab change “Terminal page” to: Yes

      This page now acts as a final page to survey respondents. Add your signature question and any closing remarks to the page and you should be good.

      IS commented
        • Sorry, I should have said that making these changes will make it so that the survey is marked complete even if no questions on the page were answered, so you may want to insert a page at the end of the survey specifically for this rather than adding to the bottom of a page with other questions.



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