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Hi together,

I would like to add question type “signature” without the addition “signature of” below the field where you have to sign. Is that possible? Thanks in advance to all who provide feedback.

Caitlin Murphy362904 answered

    You can add this code to your theme under Style > HTML/CSS Editor (bottom right corner) > Custom CSS (first tab):

    .sg-signature-name {
    display: none;

    This will cause an error if your signature question is required, though. If your question is required, you can add some text as a placeholder in the now hidden Signature Of field to bypass that part of the validation. To do this, add a Javascript action to the page with the Signature question and paste this in:

    $(“.sg-signature-name :text”).val(“signature”);

    That will put the word “signature” into that hidden field automatically.

    Note that the post changes the quotation marks to ‘smart quotes’ – you’ll need to manually type in quotation marks to replace those for the script to run properly.


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