Showing results from tally ranges


I am trying to show the responses to different ranges of tally scores at the end of a questionnaire but I can’t work out how to get it to display. It just shows “Total new score” on the page where I added in the action, but no total score.

Jim W (Moderator) answered

    @Pippa : Have you tried the merge code for the Quiz Tally result? [question(“quiz tally result”), id=”2″]

    You can find more information about displaying quiz results to your respondents here:

    I hope this helps!

    Bri Hillmer
    Documentation Coordinator
    SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

    Community Admin answered

      Hi Bri,

      It seems I cannot use CSS without Voyager so I have to upgrade to get this functionality…

      I am trying to upgrade and will see if I can get this code to work.



      Pippa answered

        Hi Pippa,

        Merge codes are not part of CSS.  See the SurveyGizmo documentation for details –  These codes are available to all accounts.

        Jim W (Moderator) answered


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