Showing information on multiple items based on an earlier selection


I have study where I’d like to get people to tell me which brands they would consider and then show information relating to those brands plus one brand (new market entrant).  Ideally the new information is all together to create a comparison set.

It is like a piping question, except what I want to show is not the initial responses.  Unfortunately, piping does not allow you to pipe the response value and not the title, otherwise I could use that as a work around.  

For example, a person is shown five brands and can select which ever ones they would consider.  On the next screen they are shown a profile of each product relating to that brand plus a new one and asked to select only one of the products.  


seanmcnally380846 answered

    Solved!  I just discovered that I could use logical conditions for specific responses.  

    seanmcnally380846 answered


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