[Solved] Show/hide Logic based on link?


Hi guys,


Can i build show/hide logic for questions/pages based on a unique link? I need pages shown for each country (using a panel), and have unique links for each country.

I think i have done this before based on a url variable i added at the end, but with this panel i will need to add the panelist id as the url variable, so not sure if it will work this time around.



Mike Joyce asked

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    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    Hi Mike,

    You should still be able to do this – you can actually add multiple url variables to your links…

    The first variable is always preceded by a ‘?’ and each subsequent variable is preceded by a ‘&’ so your link could look something like this:

    surveylink.com?uid=123&country=US or something along those lines…


    Lola Gill answered

      One thing I recently used to share the same survey through multiple channels and offer different information and styles simply was using the following:


      You can pass url variables through there. This has been nice for the back end reporting.

      Jacob Hayslett answered


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