show text only when certain value is selected


I want to show a short text (“Make sure to enter your email address”)  only when a specific value is selected in one of my questions.

On the site i found a tutorial on how to show a box when “other” is selected (

Can someone help me customize this so that I can select the question and value to be selected, and the text to be displayed instead?



Mary M (Moderator) answered

    Not sure if you need to go to the lengths of a custom script but if you go to the Style tab and scroll to the very bottom right of the page you will see the </>HTML/CSS Editor link, select that and the tab Custom HTML, go to the bottom of any code already there and paste the script in. Anywhere you see type=text, replace the word text with you message.

    But have you tried basic logic that if Other is selected to add the question text for include the email OR if you have contact information about the survey taker you could have that information be pre-filled in and require all other fields to be completed.

    Not sure how your survey is designed or the objective – so just tossing out some other ideas.

    Mary M (Moderator) answered


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