How can you show only a sub-set of measures on a slider list?


In my survey I want to know how likely a person is to approach several different providers.  However, the list of providers is long.  Ideally I would like to show only a sub-set of all the possible providers.   For example, purchase intent for four different brands from a total list of twelve different brands.

As a further complication it would be good if some providers are always shown, such as the client.  

The only way I can see it being done is having Percent Branch with the question repeated multiple times with different sets. 


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    Hi Sean,

    The slider list question does not have a randomization option for the rows. A possible solution would be to use separate individual sliders and randomize the questions.

    Here is a tutorial about randomizing questions:

    This has the added option of allowing you to set certain questions to always be included. Within each question on the Logic tab see the option “Always include this question when showing a random selection of questions on this page”

    If you’re pretty set on the slider list question this kind of customization is something our programming services team does for a fee. You can get more information here:
    Documentation Coordinator
    SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

    Community Admin answered


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