[Solved] Show score values next to each question


I have set up tally scores for each page, and an overall score. How do I show the survey taker the point value assigned to each question?

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    If I understand your question, I think that the easiest way would be to just add it to the question text or in the Additional Instruction Text which is located in the Layout tab for the question.

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      • Thanks, Jon. I set up a survey with radio buttons. When I click to edit the question, I see a chart with multiple choice options that I can customize. In the left column I have selected Yes, No. In the column to the right, there is a space for “reporting value”. I put in point values here, but I can’t tell that it actually does anything.


      The reporting value is strickly how your data will be in the export or for quiz score action. It is not something that will be visable to the survey taker. If you want the survey taker to know point value then you can use as stated above the additional text box or add that to the end of the reponse itself.

      Something else you can do is provide a score action for each question – you can provide the score and information about the repsonse selected or any other information.

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        Gotcha, thanks!

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          The reporting values you modified are for reports and exports. They do not show up in the survey. 

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