Can I show the respondant incorrect answers from Tally quiz


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I’ve been building a tally quiz for our Health practitioner students and want to be able to show them the incorrect answers for revision purposes. Is this possible?

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Robert Waghmare answered

    Thanks for you help

    Robert Waghmare answered

      Hi There and Thanks for your help

      I only want to show or report back respondants questions with incorrect answers ideally in some form of PDF report emailed etc..

      I need to get this done quite quickly is there a way a survey gizmo team member can assist us with this project?





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        • You would have to contact SurveyGizmo support for that. This forum is primarily answered by other users of the system like you and me. Try the phone, email, or chat support options.

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        I don’t think there is a built in way to do this, but with a bit of work it can be done.

        On a new page at the end of the quiz:

        Create copies of each question in the quiz.

        Modify the questions in some way to highlight the correct answers (use html to Bold them and change the font color for example). See:

        Set display logic on each question such that the duplicate shows only if the answer to the original was incorrect. See:

        On the Layout tab for each question at the bottom, you can set the default value of the duplicate question equal to the value of the original question using the “insert merge code” feature. See:

        Then end result is a page showing each question that was wrong with the answer they picked and the correct answer also shown.

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