Need to show real-time tabulations in a form


We are building a survey that collects a few dozen numerical values.  We would like to insert sub-totals in the form so that as the user fills out the form, before they submit, they see sub-totals that are the sums of values in various fields.  We can write the JavaScript to do this if necessary but we need to know if there is any way to do this.  Thanks.

Lola Gill answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    SurveyGizmo has a Continuous Sum question that totals all values entered into the question fields:

    If the few dozen numerical values that you are collecting can all be part of the same survey question, then the above should be a good solution.

    Another alternative is to use SurveyGizmo’s Custom Scripting library to perform the calculations:

    Hope these help!

    Lola Gill answered


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