[Solved] Show Insterted Text Instructions in Summary Report


While building my survey, I selected “Insert > Text/Media” to add instructions that apply to several subsequent prompts for information.  This works great in the survey, but the instructions do not show up as an element in the Summary Report, and I can not find an option to make this happen.  Without the survey instructions, the report does not make sense. 

Please help!  Thanks!


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    Hi there,

    By default, our summary reports will not pull in any text elements.

    You could add this text to your report by going to Customize Report > Add Element and then select “Text”. There you’ll be able to add in the necessary text. If you have the Build tab open in a separate browser tab, you should be able to copy/paste this information in pretty quickly. After this, you’ll just need to move the element into place and you’re all set!

    I hope this helps.


    Chris - SurveyGizmo answered


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