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I would like to show our students the questions they did not get correct, without giving them the answer.  Is there a way to do that?

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    We have a workaround, but it is labor intensive.

    For each question of the ‘quiz’ we create a TEXT/MEDIA box.  Within that box we duplicate the question (usually a radio-button type) using HTML code. We use a merge code to bring in the respondent’s answer and include the correct answer and a brief explanation of why it is correct (you can skip this part).  We then set up logic for the box so that it is only shown when the incorrect answer has been entered.

    We are not an academic institution, but we do offer CEU credits for some of our webinars.  These occur just once a month and the ‘quizes’ are usually 3-4 questions, so the level of effort is manageable.

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