How do I show comments but not the new word cloud?


This is another question about the new standard reports.  If there is a better category to put these under, please let me know.

The Word clouds are cute, but they don’t really work what for what we need.  How do I hide them?  Also, I’m very disappointed to see the Advanced Appendix gone, and now I can’t find how to list the comments with the response ID next to it.  How are managers supposed to know who said what?  

I’m only 30 minutes into this new report, and I’m finding some very surprising features that are missing.  Very frustrating!

Wendy Sylvester answered

    This is a problem for us as well.  The word clouds have no value in my reports but the individual comments do!  In fact, I’m sure my superiors will feel the word clouds are unprofessional looking.

    Becky Wilkins answered

      We need to be able to turn off the Word cloud as it has no use for us and be able to show the comments in the report. This still works in the legacy report, which is good, but I don’t seem to be able to do this with the new standard report.

      Sheila Bloom commented
        • Did you try unchecking the option to show the Chart? That is how I was able to turn off the word cloud display. Chart = the Word Cloud for essay questions. If you tried that and the word cloud is still showing, I would submit a ticket to support for that specific report.


        Becky, good news, in the last week they’ve been adding a lot of good fixes and now you can hide the word cloud.  If you click the pencil next to that question, then check the box “Override Global Report Styles” and then under Question Options uncheck the option to show the Chart.  Basically the Chart = the Word Cloud for text questions.  This lets you print a list of just the comments, but there is no other information, like the response ID or who said it.  If that info is important to you, you’ll have to create a DIY Table.   Here’s the help guide article for that feature:  

        Sheila Bloom answered


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