[Solved] How to show the answer immediately after each question answered?


I know I could hack this either with custom JavaScript or by, with or without question logic, displaying the correct answer to the previous question each time I display the next question, but… there must be an easier, cleaner way! What am I missing?


More specifics: I have a 4 question T/F quiz. After the user answers each individual question, I want to display the correct answer. I would prefer to display all 4 questions on one page, but no big deal if I have to split up Q/A onto to separate pages.

Advice is much appreciated! I can easily build this out manually, but it seems like it should be basic functionality for Survey Gizmo.

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    Solved it by adding text between questions and making that text display only if the previous question was answered. Easy.

    I just expected SurveyGizmo to have a built-in configuration for explicitly showing a correct answer after each question. Example of the pros and cons of having a highly-flexible, DIY kind of system… all good!

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