Show up to 3 (of 10 possible) random pages based on previous response?


Hi gang, here’s my issue:

I’m gauging awareness of 10 companies in a survey. Based on responses to that question, I want to then ask the respondent a page of perception questions for each of up to three of the companies they are aware of, randomly selected and in random order. 

The page randomization is easy, but the “up to three” part is not, at least for me with my extremely novice scripting skills. 

I thought of a way this could conceptually be done, but I don’t have the coding know-how to implement it:

  1. Set the 10 pages to be shown in random order (in the standard SG interface)
  2. Create a hidden value custom variable (“COUNT”) earlier in the survey, setting it to zero.
  3. For each competitor perceptions page displayed, add a script to that page that adds 1 to COUNT
  4. Set page display logic for each of the competitor pages to only show page if COUNT<3 (as well as if they are aware of the company for that page – I can handle this part in the main interface of course)

Does this make sense, or is there a better way? Anyone have experience with this – or the script coding skills to help translate my conceptual approach above to an actual script? 

Many thanks for any help!

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