How can I share a report and include a DIY Grid with comments?


Hello All,

I’m hoping someone more creative than I am and can figure this one out.  I’m trying to send a weekly report to our senior leaders that shows them the comments on surveys as well as who said them.  This way if they want to follow up, they have all the info right there.  So, I made a Standard Report, added a DIY grid, and scheduled it to go weekly.  In the weekly email, a pdf is attached, but no comments.  So, they get a link and can go to the report that way, but again if they try to download a pdf, they don’t have the option to include open text answers like we do when printing from Survey Gizmo, so no comments appear on their pdf.  Survey Gizmo support said Open Text type questions are not currently included in shared downloads.  


So, has anyone found a way around this other than using Legacy reports?  My goal is simply to share comments, along with who said them, from the previous week to our senior leaders.  And, ideally to have this send automatically just in case I need to take a vacation sometime!


Thanks Community!



Sheila Bloom answered
    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    Hi Sheila,

    I’m definitely curious in giving this a try – can you give me a sense of how the survey is constructed? – specifically, what question type collects the respondent’s name (i.e. textbox question) and whether you are using the Essay Question type to collect your comments, or are you adding comment fields to questions?

    I just want to take the same approach to see what challenges you are up against.


    Lola Gill answered


      Thanks so much, yes 2 heads are better than 1!  

      We use email campaigns to send our survey, and so we upload the contact’s name, company, and a few other things specific to us like a file number (just a unique identifier for our data base), and Advisor (which is basically an account manager).  So we have all those fields in the contact record, then as they answer we use Hidden Value Actions to automatically populate those fields into the survey responses.   (We need to do this because every once in a while we have a manual response to upload, and for those we can’t add contact data, so to make reports consistent, all these fields need to be in the survey responses).

      Then, the comments are collected as independent Essay/Long Answer type questions.   We tried to use the “allow comments” feature our first year, but we found some reporting limitations with those types of fields and it works best for us to have the comments be their own question.


      Thanks so much for your help!



      Sheila Bloom commented
        • I was able to test this with your configuration and the DIY grid.

          Like you mentioned, the PDF attached in the email as well as the PDF that I downloaded via the web version did not contain the DIY Grid.

          It looks like a current limitation but perhaps something that could be updated.

          Sorry that I don’t have a great answer for you!

        • Lola,

          Thanks so much for giving it a try. I was hoping maybe there was some trick I hadn’t come across yet!

          Thank you so much! Love how supportive this community is!




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