sgapiGetSGUID() returns SessionID


When using scripting language, I get the sessionID returned when using either sgapiGetSGUID() or sgaipGetRespondentSessionID().  If I pass a sguid via the url, I can obtain it using url(“sguid”) but sgapiGetSGUID() still returns the sessionID.


My questions:

  1. Shouldn’t sgapiGetSGUID() return the sguid value rather than the SessionID?
  2. If the survey URL does not include the url variable “sguid”, can the SessionID be used to return to the survey?  In other words, if we want to implement our own survey save and return, is the only way to do this to explicitly include the url “sguid”?






Mark Simonson328950 asked

    Answer to my own question:


    • The sguid is used to provide your own user id and needs to be included in the original survey link as a url variable or provide a mapping to another variable as the sguid.
    • If the above is done, you can return to survey using same sguid or variable mapped to sguid.
    • To map another variable as the sguid, use __sguid_alias=<aliasname>
      e.g., http://mysurveylink?customerid=prettykitty&__sguid_alias=customerid
    • In the data, sguid is represented as a URL Variable:  URL Variable: sguid.
    • Survey Gizmo generates a sessionid automatically for each respondent. You can use  sgapiGetRespondentSessionID() returns this (as does sgapiGetSGUID(), although I think this in error.)
    • You can use the SessionID to return to a survey by including snc=<sessionid> as a url parameter.  This is how Survey Gizmo generates links in reminder letters.
    • In the data, session is exported as SessionID.  


    The sessionID method is documented in 

    The sguid method is documented in

    I think it would be helpful to cross-reference these methods in the help system.

    Mark Simonson328950 answered


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